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Our workshop and dedicated team offer a full range of services to support the regular upkeep of mining equipment.

The workshop

Nuñez Machine Shop is a trusted expert in the manufacturing and repairing of machine components. Our team of skilled machinists specialize in a variety of equipment including the milling and boring machines, lathe and radial drill.

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Dump Blocks

A crane could not do its job without the dump block. With the crane's cable running around it, it gives movement to the crane's bucket, helping guide the discharge of contents. We both repair worn-down dump blocks and manufacture them, using a magnesium coating, unique to our shop, that prevents corrosion.

Water Pumps

Whether surface-level or underground, mines rely heavily on pumping equipment. We'll repair your pumps, keeping the water flowing and the work ongoing.

Pulley Repair & Replacement

Pulleys carry a lot of weight for their size, making lifting heavy components, such as cranes, feel almost weightless. We repair this equipment and manufacture a variety of made-to-order, high-quality pulleys, with 1018 or 4140 steel.

Shaft Fabrication

Shafts serve a vital function in mining equipment, generating force and transmitting rotational power to keep machines running. We manufacture steel shafts of the highest quality grade.

Spray Pipes

Spray pipes serve an essential purpose in the mine, funnelling the water used to clear away stone and sand debris. We customize the dimensions of our steel spray pipes according to the project.  

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