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When you need an expert “in house”, you’ll find value in having one of our skilled specialists available.

Fusing bonds

We offer three types of subcontractors: utility, mechanical and welding. Our team offers a combination of versatility and specialization to deliver quick responses and efficient solutions.

Training & Development

Nuñez Machine Shop continuously promotes safety & skills training and development for its team. Annually, our team members receive the MSHA PART 46 Safety Training. In addition, each new member completes the New Miner Training prior to starting a job on a mining site. Daily team meetings are also held to ensure proper safety protocols are in place.

Principles Made of Steel


How DOES IT work?

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Our team was stretched thin, and we knew we needed some extra hands on-deck to offer us mechanical support. Requesting a quote from Nuñez was so easy, and we were able to outsource a skilled technician, at an affordable rate, who quickly joined us onsite.
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