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We “steel” the show with unparalleled maintenance & repair work, and service onsite to keep things running uninterrupted.

Keeping things moving

Nuñez Machine Shop provides maintenance and repair services for a wide variety of mining components that get damaged with regular use. To keep things moving, the majority of our repairs are completed onsite.

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Mining Truck Bed

Truck beds wear out over time due to material handling. One method of prevention is to install a liner, built from AR400 steel, that requires annual maintenance or replacement, depending on degree of wear.

Mining Bucket

With frequent usage and exposure, bucket components, including teeth, walls and floor, suffer damage or breakage. Our experts specialize in the maintenance and repairs of mining buckets.

Bulldozer Blades

Blades get damaged over time, as a result of pushing heavy materials. Our experts specialize in the maintenance of these blades so you can continue to push for excellence in the mine.

Dragline Excavator

The dragline, used to extract prime materials, is at the heart of a mine. Due to heavy lifting, rigging components such as the swivel, bucket and spreader bar are susceptible to damage.

Mining Tank

Mining tanks are built to resist the abrasive nature of their contents and corrosive environment of mining processes. Resultantly, they require regular maintenance to stay in top form.

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