Nuñez Machine Shop

A Team Made of Steel

The Family

Founded in 2007, Nuñez Machine Shop is a family-owned and operated company. Built from the ground up by a father and son, Nuñez stands at the intersection between long-standing experience and youthful innovation.

The culture of teamwork and open lines of communication makes us feel like a family. Working collaboratively gives us confidence to develop effective strategies when approaching challenges, and it’s something our clients notice and appreciate.
John / Machinist
The most important thing is not simply to offer unparalleled service to our clients, but also to ensure the safety of our team. The work we do can be hazardous, and providing safe conditions is always a priority. For Nuñez, there is no success if one of our employees comes home with even a scratch.
Peter / Supervisor


With a prime location in the town of Medley, in the western area of Miami-Dade County, our workshop is ready to service projects that demand our skills and machines.
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